We believe that every individual has a birth right to lead a healthy and disease free life. With changing climatic conditions, increased pollution and contamination, coupled with the lack of medical awareness and an inability to afford medical treatment owing to poor economic conditions in some regions, even the basic health services are affected and often unavailable. Moreover, in urban as well as rural areas, people are unaware of causes/symptoms of several diseases and how to treat that illness, thereby often are unable to even prevent/manage them.

Whether it is in rural areas or in urban environs, the HealthQuest Foundation aims to:

  • To educate underprivileged on health, hygiene, sanitation and healthy living practices and to ensure that every individual has access to basic healthcare facilities.
  • To help community fight and eradicate fatal diseases.
  • To bring technological innovations to aid the underprivileged and improve patient care.
  • To provide psychological and emotional support to the deprived.